School starts at 9am with a bell which signals the children to line up smartly and wait quietly to be brought into school by their teachers.

Our first job everyday is to register and make lunch choices. You can enter your child's lunch choice online now too.

For security all of our gates apart from the main gate at the office are locked from 9:10 until 3:10 each day. If your child is late arriving they must come into school through the main gate and the school office. Children going home for lunch leave and return by the office and main gate.

Our morning break is from 10:30 - 10:50 but the little ones get 10 minutes longer so they go back to class at 11am. Children are encouraged to visit the toilet during this break.

We have lunch from 12:30 - 1:30 with each class having their own time to go for lunch to avoid overcrowding the lunch hall. Children are encouraged to visit the toilet at this time.

Our school day finishes at 3:20pm.


Tayside Contracts provide a great, free breakfast club from 8:15 every morning.

Extra curricular lunch and afterscool clubs are on most days and are run by staff, senior pupils and parents giving up their own time to provide a wide variety of activities.