Why Read, Write, Inc.?

The main purposes of Read, Write, Inc. are to teach children to read, accurately and fluently with good comprehension. The programme also develops children's spelling and writing skills. At Strathmore, children across P1 to P4 will follow this scheme of learning. This programme has successfully been used in many schools across Scotland and the rest of the UK. Read, Write, Inc. follows a weekly structured routine in class. The repetitive nature gives them the opportunity to build up confidence and improve key reading skills. Children are regularly assessed in order to establish their progress and be grouped accordingly. 



Firstly children learn individual sounds such as; a, b, c. They then move onto learn 'best friends' which are two or three letters that make one sound such as; sh, ch and igh. Early on, children are introduced to Fred the Frog. He is a special frog who only speaks in sounds. This develops children's capacity to blend sounds together and read words. 

To accompany the learning of sounds, children experience a range of thought-provoking books that allow them to practise and consolidate the sounds that they have already learned. The books are designed to increase children's fluency, accuracy and comprehension skills. 



Writing is a daily part of the programme. During this time, children practise individual letter formation as well as spelling increasingly complex words. Handwriting is taught every day with a focus on pencil control, sitting position and precision. Children are equipped with important skills and strategies to write in different contexts across the curriculum. 


Further Information

Children can now access the Oxford Owl School Portal where they can view video clips and read ebooks to further support learning at home.